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Day 8 - Wednesday

Today's Puzzle: I have a bar graph. I want to fill it with water. Write me an algorithm that will calculate how much water it will hold. How efficient is it? How can you make it better?


  • Make up work
  • Noah
  • AI

Class Assignments

  1. Processing - If you have finished all blogs and have all programs working in Github, you can try the next challenge.
    1. Make the Cellular Automata program, unless you already made it
    2. If you already made Cellular Automata, make gravity program
    3. (you can also ask for another secret project, if you are done.
  2. Art - Do an animation in Piskel:
    1. Save the link to your artwork
    2. Export the gif file


  • Blog Post: Please blog your project from yesterday, if you haven't. Now blog your board game.
  • Puzzle Solution - Please turn in the answer to the interview puzzle with the black squares.
  • Guest Speaker - Tomorrow we have guest speaker Noah Falstein who is Google's Chief Game Designer. Please think of a question to ask him.
  • Improve your past work: Double check your work, and make sure your blog is complete. Make sure you have completed all blogs. Finish anything you didn't get to do today. Improve anything that you can! Lots of pictures!!!


  • Frank, Michael, Samuel
  • Mike, Hollis
  • Evangeline, Toby
  • Lisa, Wilson
  • Cindy, Kyle
  • Bran, Billy
  • Chris, Jeff
  • Peter, Michael
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