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Day 7 - Tuesday

Morning Puzzle: I have a bar graph. I want to fill it with water. Write me an algorithm that will calculate how much water it will hold. How efficient is it? How can you make it better?


  • Survey
    1. Do you want to have a party on Friday?
    2. Will you or your parents be able to make food for you to bring?
    3. Will your parents come watch a final ceremony/activity?
    4. Do you want your parents to come?
  • Tronster
  • AI

Class Assignments

  1. Processing - Make a Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Make the following AI's
    1. Always Scissors
    2. Random Strategy
    3. Try to make a smarter AI
    4. Try to make an AI that LEARNS the patterns of the user
    5. If you finish early, then try another simple game like Tic Tac Toe
  2. Art - Do an animation in Piskel:
    1. Save the link to your artwork
    2. Export the gif file
  3. Art - Make a Sprite with Perler beads. Take pictures for blog.


  • Blog Post: Document ALL your projects projects.
  • Blog Post: FINAL AI RESEARCH PROJECT PROPOSAL!!! Pick 3 topics from this list to do your AI Research Project on… Final Project Topics
    • For each topic, try to explain what it is
    • Then explain why it is interesting
    • (It doesn't have to be long)
  • Improve your past work: Double check your work, and make sure your blog is complete. Make sure you have completed all blogs. Finish anything you didn't get to do today. Improve anything that you can! Lots of pictures!!!
  • Blog Post: Game Review - Argument Champion:


  • Jack, Evangeline
  • Bran, Cindy
  • Lisa, Samuel
  • Chris, Wilson
  • Kyle, Frank
  • Hollis, Peter, Toby
  • Michael, Jeff
  • Mike, Billy
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