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Day 3 - Wednesday


  • Guest Speaker
  • Programming
  • Debate
  • Computer Graphics
  • Animations

Class Assignments

  1. Homework - Please finish the assignments from yesterday (30 minutes)
  2. Sign up for Open Processing - go to and sign up
    1. PLEASE put your Processing portfolio link for YOUR profile onto your Lofter page “CONNECT” (where you put your github link)
  3. Processing Practice - Assignment
  4. Processing Project - Use processing to create your own creature
  5. Keep processing projects on Open Processing - Save your projects online so you can have them forever. NEVERMIND, Open Processing is too slow. Use GITHUB!!!!
  6. More Github - You can store your processing projects directly there and run them with Processing.js - Read:
  7. Finish Certificate Information Registration - Finish the following form


  • Blog Post: Processing. What is Processing? What did you work on in Processing? Past images for what you did. Link to the website online so people can see the animation.
  • Improve your past work: Double check your work, and make sure your blog is complete. Make sure you have completed all projects. Finish anything you didn't get to do today. Improve anything that you can!

Note: From now on ALL game reviews must address Ludus, Paida, and Narrative.


Same Teams as yesterday.

TA: Jeffrey

  • Jeff, Peter
  • Billy, Frank
  • Cindy, Bran

TA: Kevin

  • Michael, Samuel
  • Hollis, KL
  • Evangeline, Kyle

TA: Yinan

  • Toby, Lisa
  • Wilson, Jack
  • Chris, Mike

int x = 0;               // variable x - location
int dx = 1;              // variable dx - speed

void setup ()           // setup function 
    size (500,500);

void draw ()            // draw function


  if (x > 500)
    dx = -dx;
  x = x + dx;
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