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       - Add it on the website directory       - Add it on the website directory
       - Use Tortoise like Yinan did       - Use Tortoise like Yinan did
-        - Chinese Tutorial: http://​​p/​git-guide/​ 
       - Learn the command-line (terminal in Mac and cmd in Windows)       - Learn the command-line (terminal in Mac and cmd in Windows)
 +        - Chinese Tutorial: http://​​p/​git-guide/​
         - https://​​2014/​03/​12/​github-social-networking-for-hackers/​         - https://​​2014/​03/​12/​github-social-networking-for-hackers/​
-      - Download the GUI for Github+      - Download the Client ​for Github
         - https://​​ (there is Mac version too)         - https://​​ (there is Mac version too)
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