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Day 1 - Monday


  • Coin Balancing Problem


  • Interactive Fiction - Using Twine software, try to figure out how to compose a good story. Use online tutorials for information to teach yourself the software. Your story must have these components:
    1. Think something very wrong in the world that needs to be better
    2. Create a story that tries to make someone cry or laugh
    3. Use this Interactive Fiction to help make the world better in some way
    4. There must be at least 2 happy endings and 1 very silly ending. You can have as many other endings as you want
    5. If you finish early try to learn the advanced features
  • GitHub Setup

  • Set Up Website - Using Lofter, please make 3 pages for the navigation bar
    1. About Me - This is a page about who you are. Please answer these questions and put at least one image
      1. What are your passions?
      2. What do you want to do when you grow up, study at the University, or work professionally?
      3. What would would like to learn and find most interesting about technology, computer science, games, or this class?
    2. Connect - This page will be a page of links. Please put 3 links of your choice on this page. Then add your GitHub profile page from the previous assignment.
    3. Resume - This page is about your accomplishments. Make a list of your clubs and activities, talents, leadership positions, jobs, and other skills. You do not have to put everything, just a few things for now.
  • Blog Post - (A BLOG POST IS NOT A PAGE) Review your favorite game. Why do you like it so much. Please include a picture.
  • Fill out this form when you are done:


  • Post: Number Systems. Research why we have a “base 10” counting system, and write about it. Write about what the number systems are. Explain how to convert 11011011 into a decimal number. Make sure you define what a binary number is and how it is different than a decimal number. You can use the internet, but link to what references helped you learn. Must include an image.
  • Post: Write About Your Game. What game did you make in Twine today? Write about the story and take an interesting screenshot of the game/story. Also, you must include your github link to it. Every post must have a photo.
  • READING - Please read the Game Design Basics paper.
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