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MSP 2013: Journal 8

Blog: Robot Arm

Put in this picture of Kevin, the mad scientist:

Answer these questions

  • What was wrong with the Robot Arm?
  • What did you do to fix it?
  • What did the Robot Arm do?
  • What is the difference between when Eclipse uses a yellow line versus using a red line? Which one is an error and which one is a warning?
  • What is the difference between a LOGIC error and a COMPILE error. Which type of errors did the Robot Arm have?
  • Why do we use code libraries like the leJOS NXJ?
  • What is gamification?
  • How mad was Kevin, the mad scientist? Why was he mad?

Game Review #8 - Tuper Tario Tros

Blog: Game Review #8 -

One sentence review, screen shot, and link to the game.

Project Proposal

You are now going to propose your final project. This Blog Post must have the following.

  • A diagram or drawing of how it works
  • A description of what you are going to do
  • A reason for why it will be cool
  • A diagram, picture, or drawing of what the final product will look like
  • Projects must be one of the following:
    1. Processing: Art Project
    2. Processing: Game Project
    3. Lego: Robot Project
    4. Java: Objects and Algorithms

You can work with anyone you want (or no one). You will present your project tomorrow afternoon.

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