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MSP 2013 - Journal 7

Blog: Game Review #7 - Duolingo

  1. Go to
  2. sign up
  3. paste your profile to the Links part of your website
  4. create your blogpost with the title: Game Review #7 - Duolingo
  5. paste the link to your profile
  6. put in a screenshot
  7. Answer these questions:
    1. is this a game?
    2. is it fun?
    3. is it educational?
    4. does it really teach you another language?
    5. is it a good idea?

Blog: Building my Robot

Put a picture of your robot on this post and write the following:

  • my team is:
  • my team members are:
  • my robot is named:
  • my experience with building my robot was:
    • First we built the robot
    • Then we got the code from online
    • Then we created a new Java project called…
    • Then we added the Libraries
    • Then we converted the Project
    • Then we uploaded the code to the Robot
    • This is what the robot did

Take a photo from here:

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