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MSP - Journal 2

Take 15 minutes to play with the appearance on your “Dashboard” and/or try new themes.


Create a NEW POST. Make sure you are NOT creating another PAGE. I want you to write a blog post titled: “How We Talk to Machines”

Copy this list into your POST and answer these questions with one sentence (or more) in your own words:

Finally, include an image of a cool looking computer.

Create a NEW POST. This post will be another game review. Title it: “Game Review #2: There is Only One Level”


Review the game in one sentence or more. You must also:

  • include a link to the game
  • include a SCREENSHOT image of it

Create a NEW POST. This post will be about what you've done in Processing. Title the post: “Getting Started with Processing”

Write one sentence (or more) about what you've learned, and include ALL the SCREEN SHOTS you've taken of your Processing output/sketches.


Additionally, upload this image to your post:

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