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MSP - Assignment 5

For those of you who are behind on you blogs, you must catch up. This includes writing better answers than “I don't know” to the questions that get asked.. You know who you are!

For those of you that didn't finish the Eclipse packet, please do that now.

PASTEBIN is where you must store one Java program you've written.

Go to

  • Sign up.
  • Write down your user information.
  • Verify your account.
  • Go to your Wordpress page and paste YOUR link with YOUR username into Links:
  • Now, create a new paste with your favorite Java program THAT YOU WROTE (one or more).

Make sure you select the right options for it:

  • Syntax Highlighting: JAVA
  • Paste Expiration: NEVER
  • Paste Exposure: PUBLIC
  • Paste Name / Title: My Favorite Java Program :)

THE END (of this section)

Finally, I want 3 Java Programs. You can write the code all in the main function.

Create an array that has 10 values: {30, 2, 46, 8, 64, 88, 59, 86, 7, 29}

For more help:

For more help:

For more help:

I want the output to look like this in your console window:

Initial Array: 30 2 46 8 64 88 59 86 7 29
New Array: 2 7 8 29 30 46 59 64 86 88
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