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Journal 8

So, all my professor and industry contacts are looking through your portfolios and websites. Time to make them look REALLY nice.

Page: Resume Page

Create a NEW PAGE called RESUME:

Cut and paste the information from here and fill out appropriately. If it doesn't apply, then leave it out.


Languages I Speak:

Languages I Program: Processing, Java…

Musical Instruments:


Clubs and Organizations:

Fine Arts and Dance:

Jobs and Skills:

Leadership Experience:

Volunteer Experience:

Hobbies and Interests:

Past Summer Camps: DMA Stanford 2013,... (Make sure you put the location and the year)

Other Achievements:

Projects: (LINK all your projects here: THIS IS WHY THEY EACH HAVE A BLOG PAGE)
  * LINK TO EPGYCASINO (like the actual..
  * LINK TO MyVisualSort
  * ...
  * + any other's you've done in the past

You can use my pages as a reference:

Blog: What is AI?

You meet a Nigerian prince, named Mark, who emails you about his son, Absolam, who's passed away. His rich son Absalom died a week ago in South Africa and has left a grand fortune of 1,304,976,551 ZAR ($163.63 million USD). He cannot claim the entire sum himself because of his noble status in a foreign country, and the government will take the fortune for itself soon. Thus, he asks you for your help in transferring the money due to your excellent credit. In return, he will let you keep almost half of the sum ($75 million USD) which will really help you finance your new Honda and townhouse and allow for a really fun trip to Las Vegas. :)

You reply and he tells you that you only need to wire $5,000 USD via Western Union to his escrow, Katie Smith, as proof that your intentions are good. He'll then have the government send you the entire fortune and you'll send her his share ($88.63 million USD) after keeping your own.

You're about to send Ms. Smith the money tomorrow and was thinking, maybe you can keep the whole fortune for yourself once you get it? Over $160 million is a lot better than just $75 million, and she won't be able to do a thing if I don't send her the money. You're just worried that she might have connections with the mafia here and might come after you, so you are wondering, should you take the risk?

Write a blog about:

If a random person asked you what AI is, what would you say? What do you think it is? What do you think it isn't?

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