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Journal 5

Being literate gives you the ability to communicate in written media. Knowing how to blog and having access to technology gives you the ability to use your voice to impact the world. Many people in the world do not have a voice. How do you feel like using yours, considering that this blog can reach practically any nation with access? Some people don't want to be as outspoken. Some people do. Some people want to right the injustices of the world, and some people want to do cool science and build things. Then there people who just want to watch TV and have a nice car. All things equal, where do you stand now? Where do you want to be? You must talk about the distinction between being a Scientist, Engineer, Artist, and Professional/Educator. What direction do you think you are headed in.

For the photo. I'd like something indicating your home city, state, or country. It could be a google map screen shot, some image from the web, or some photo from your facebook. You will need to list some general location in your blog for Assignment 5.

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