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Journal Assignment 1

OBJECTIVE: Setup a Wordpress page

Directions: Fill out the boxes below in your notes and use it to fill out the electronic form at the end.

Part 1 - Sign Up!

  • Create a FREE Wordpress blog
  • Write this in your notebooks:

What E-Mail did you use?


What Username did you pick?


What is your blog address?


Part 2 - Pages

After you verify your email, check out your dashboard.

1. Wordpress has “Pages” you can find this on your dashboard.

  • On the right side of the Dashboard, go to Pages » All Pages
  • Hover over the “About” listing and click “Edit” that appears underneath
  • Delete the stock text and write a short paragraph about who you are
  • Add a photo of anything you'd like to this page [Add Media]
  • The “Publish” box is on the right, just click “Update”
  • To see your page, go to the web address:

2. Create a new Page

  • On the right side of your Dashboard, go to Pages » Add New
  • Call this page “My Links”
  • Put in 3 links of your choice
    • (Add your other personal websites)
  • In the top right, click “Update”
  • To see your page, go to the web address:

Here's the example from my Middle School course:

Middle School Example Blogs

Go here, if the form does not load:

Game Reviews?

Respectfully, I'm asking you to play only games that you will review. You want content and information to be fruitful! Remember, you are doing “research,” not just trying to burn time b/c you are bored.

This is how the game reviews work. I've suggested a game a day, but feel free to review as many games as you'd want. This is done ONLY after you've finished Lab work OR during your own time.

It's simple, reviews require the following:

  • One sentence (or more) of thoughts
  • Screen shot of game
  • Link to the game


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