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Assignment 9 - Research Projects

Note: If I do not have this post by 3:30, you will not be getting a book for your research. You don't get the funding, when you don't hit the research deadline!

(Deliverable) Create a blog post titled, “Final Project: ” + #TITLE_HERE.

  • Read my paper on kD trees: PDF
  • Read my paper on Machine Learning in Story AI: PDF
  • Read my paper on Logic and Storytelling: PDF

You blogpost should have a similar format.

Here's the format of the sections that I want to see in your blogpost. Have the sections labeled.

  1. Paper Abstract/Summary
  2. Introduction/Background
  3. Application
  4. Previous Work
  5. Current Problems in the Area
  6. Proposed Solutions
  7. Conclusion
  8. Future Work
  9. References

Make 1 or 2 diagrams in Microsoft Paint (or power point) or some other program, take a screen shot (or save as image), and put it in your post. Visuals are very important. You can use other visuals from online, but I want you to make at least one on your own.

Whether you get your book or which book you get depends on this post. Each person MUST DO THEIR OWN. The information must be distinct for the most part. This outline will basically be your final presentations for the course that will be give 1 week from today. Each person will be giving 10 minute talks in one week.

Finally, post the IMAGE of the book that you want at the end with a link to amazon underneath. People are allowed to get the same books. Books can be more than $20, but try to be reasonable. It would help to list a priority (queue) of books, if there's more than one that you'd like.

Once you are done, use this day to polish your project posts by finishing up your coding for any/all projects, if necessary. Clean up the grammar errors and catch up on the journals.



Explore D3 (this requires you to learn a little javascript):

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