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EPGY - Assignment 3

Lab 1

Import this project to your workspace. These are the solutions to the Animation assignments. Take a look at how the four programs work. Now, continue onto EPGY Draw.

Lab 2

Download the EPGYDraw starter code: download. Create the program according to the comments. Turn in whatever you have by the end of the day, whether it’s finished or not. Use the solutions in Lab 1 above to help you or Google for tutorials.

  • Complete your EPGYDraw Program
  • Polish up and comment your code
  • Take a screenshot of the final product
  • Post a screenshot of your program with a list of its features
  • Use Pastebin to store your code, if you'd like

Bonus: see processing example for these extended features:

Lab 3

Write me a Java program that has 3 functions in a new project called MySorts:

  • bubbleSort
  • insertionSort
  • selectionSort

Each function must create an array of 20 random numbers between 10 and 100 and sort them. Print out the sorted list for each set of random numbers per sort.

Lab 4

First, read about your Final Projects.

Then, More Research!

Pick a different topic or two from the list and write a short blog post about each. You will need to write a proposal blog post tomorrow on your favorite topic. Don't worry, you can still change your mind up until Wednesday.

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