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Journal Assignment 1

OBJECTIVE: Setup a Wordpress page

Directions: Fill out the boxes below in your notes and use it to fill out the electronic form at the end.

Part 1 - Sign Up!

  • Create a FREE Wordpress blog
  • Write this in your notebooks:

What E-Mail did you use?


What Username did you pick?


What is your blog address?


Part 2 - Pages

After you verify your email, check out your dashboard.

1. Wordpress has “Pages” you can find this on your dashboard.

  • On the right side of the Dashboard, go to Pages » All Pages
  • Hover over the “About” listing and click “Edit” that appears underneath
  • Delete the stock text and write a short paragraph about who you are
  • Add a photo of anything you'd like to this page [Add Media]
  • The “Publish” box is on the right, just click “Update”
  • To see your page, go to the web address:

2. Create a new Page

  • On the right side of your Dashboard, go to Pages » Add New
  • Call this page “My Links”
  • Put in 3 links of your choice
    • (Add your other personal websites)
  • In the top right, click “Update”
  • To see your page, go to the web address:

Go here, if the form does not load:

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