I will now proceed to answer some questions. Some sort of FAQ, but more like an OAQ (Occasionally Asked Questions).

Q. I see you have very ambiguously written your name in two different ways. What is you first name? Why this confusion? Can't you just decide?

A. I'm South Indian, and hence this confusion. I assure you that I'm not the only one with this nomenclature issue. My name is Seshadhri. That's what you should call me. On the other hand, if you insist on calling me Mr. So-and-so, then call me Mr. Seshadhri.

Q. Then why isn't your name Seshadhri Seshadhri. And what is this Comandur doing there?

A. Rather persistent, aren't you? To completely resolve this issue, my parents were going to call me Seshadhri Seshadhri Seshadhri Seshadhri, but decided not to do so after reading Catch-22. Comandur is a family name, but most South Indians (for unclear reasons) use their family name as an initial before their name. And so they prefer being known by their first name, rather than their family name. This, I agree, can be extremely disorienting for others. Then again, it's not a bad conversation topic to break the ice.

Furthermore, the C before my name allows for many clever uses. When you spot me in the distance, you can ask yourself, "Do I C. Seshadhri?" If ever I behave coldly to you, you can say "I C. Seshadhri". This achieves the double effect of claiming that you can look at me and that my behaviour is not too warm.

Q. What do you do?

A. My background is in Theoretical Computer Science. It's essentially a subfield of both mathematics and Computer Science. And I work in both theoretical computer science and big data algorithms.

Q. What is most of your time spent on?

A. Staring into blank space, hoping for ideas to come.

Q. Why do you it?

A. Staring into blank space? Well, it beats staring into a computer screen. Although, when the ideas come, I then have to stare into a computer screen to type things up.

Q. No no, why do you do research in your chosen fields?

A. The short answer: I enjoy it. The long answer: I enjoy it and get paid for it.

Q. Your attempts at being funny and clever are not working at all.

A. Sorry. This is an OAQ. You can only ask questions, and that's not one.