CMPS12B - Introduction To Data Structures

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Course Basics

Class: Tu/Th, 11:40-1:15 (sure, you can bring your lunch if you want)
Location: Earth and Marine, B206

Instructor: C. (Sesh) Seshadhri (sesh@)
Office: E2-347A
Office hours: Tu, 2-3

Lab01A: Mo, 10-12 (Matt, Lawrence, Akhil)
Lab01B: Tu, 9-11 (Lena, Madhu, Kevin, Akhil)
Lab01C: Tu, 3-5 (Lena, Lawrence, Edwin)
Lab01D: We, 10-12 (Matt, Lawrence, Varsha)
Lab01E: Th, 9-11 (Madhu, Kevin, Varsha)
Lab01F: Fr, 2-4 (Santrupti, Kevin, Edwin)
Lab01G: Fr, 4-6 (Santrupti, Kevin, Edwin)
Location: (For all labs) MingOng Computer Lab 103

TA 1: Matt Bryson (mbryson@)
Office hours: Thu, 1-2, E2-383

TA 2: Santrupti Nerli (snerli@)
Office hours: Thu, 2-3, BE-312 C/D

TA 3: Lena Reed (lireed@)
Office hours: Mo, 4-5, E2-387

TA 4: Madhu Shivashankaraiah (mshivash@)
Office hours: Thu, 8-9 AM, BE-312 C/D

MSI James Iwamasa (jiwamasa@)
Discussion sessions:To sign up for sessions, go to the ARCenter from 1/11 - 1/13 (the times are listed there too). After the initial sign-up period, contact me if you want to sign up or if you have any other questions regarding my MSI sessions.


Course Description

The primary objective is to learn implementations of common data structures and the algorithms associated with each data structure, through progressively difficult exercises. Topics include big "O" notation; pointers, recursion (induction), and dynamic allocation; linked lists and list processing; stacks, queues, binary trees and binary search trees; simple sorting techniques and simple search techniques. Students will gain a working knowledge of the elements of the Java and C programming languages. Prior experience with Unix is assumed.

Course Textbook

We will follow the book "Data Abstract and Problem Solving with Java: Walls and Mirrors (3rd Edition) by Pritchard and Carrano. Course slides and additional handouts are available at the schedule.

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