CSE202 - Combinatorial Algorithms

Course Basics

Class: Tu/Th, 7:10PM - 8:45PM

Instructor: C. (Sesh) Seshadhri (sesh@)
Office hours: Wed, 1:30-2:30

Piazza: Piazza link

Course Description

Combinatorial algorithms. We will cover algorithms and mathematical foundations of matchings, flows, cuts, linear programming, and basic approximation algorithms. Students should be familiar with the content of CSE103 (basic theory of computation) and CSE201 (basic algorithms). Some background in graph theory and basic probability theory is required. Students must be comfortable in writing proofs in Latex.

Course Textbook

There is no single course textbook, and I will take material from various sources. Some useful books: Combinatorial Optimization by Cook, Cunningham, Pulleybank, Schrijver: Probably the closest to a course textbook, since I will follow much of the material from here.

The classic CLRS: I might take some material from the later parts of CLRS, esp. on flows and linear programming.

Graph Theory by Diestel: An excellent reference for graph theory.