• Multi-Planar Fitting in an Indoor Manhattan World (September 2013~October 2016)
    Find planar structures in Manhattan world from two pictures taken from different viewpoints with unknown baseline, for structure-from-motion geometric reconstruction on commodity smartphones as a potential assistive technology tool for blind persons (paper submitted to an international conference).
  • Survey on Object Detection and Tracking
    I was involved in this project as a research assistant. The project was surveying state-of-the-art object detection and tracking algorithms to track a user in front of television. The project was sponsored by Electrics and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea (ETRI).
  • Face Direction Classification on Mobile Environment
    The project is purposed on classifying a face direction by using an optical flow algorithm and its histogram on a mobile device. The research was used to know in which direction the user used to receive a call. Samsung Electronics sponsored the project.
  • Autonomous Driving Model Vehicle (Undergraduate Project)
    I developed an autonomous driving model car, by implementing a lane detection and tracking system on embedded device. I won the grand prize from Samsung Electronics since my project was chosen as the best in the competitive field of my undergraduate school.