Programming the Aladdin Multiprocessor
Ron Belt, Daniel Anthony, James Brandt, Scott Brandt, Donald Krantz, Ramin Mojdehbakhsh, Bel Shenoy, Alan Smythe, Lynn TeWinkel, Mark Vojta and William Wehner

The Aladdin processor is a multi-gigaflop target recognition processor that can be scaled to fit tactical applications from scatterable mines to airborne ATR's. It is small enough and rugged enough to fit almost any vehicle type, and uses commercial technologies to achieve a product that is cost-effective, maintainable, and upgradable with advancing technology. It is a MIMD multiprocessor with a SIMD co-processor communicating over a message-passing network. Both the MIMD multiprocessor and the SIMD co-processor are modular and scalable. The SIMD co-processor is controlled by one node of the MIMD multiprocessor, and is specialized for image processing applications. An optional FFT co-processor or the MIMD multiprocessor can be used for radar applications. The objective of this paper is to describe how the Aladding processor is programmed in Ada using the software tools and laboratory support system developed with the processor.