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CMPS 221: Advanced Operating Systems
Fall 2011

General Information


12/1/11 - Course evals are due tomorrow

Only 6 people have filled them out so far. If you would like to fill one out, please contact Michael McThrow ( today or tomorrow.

11/22/11 - Next week

I will be traveling. I will have email access some of the time, but can make no promises about when I will be able to respond.

I will be back in town during finals week and will have time available for individual meetings to discuss projects as needed. Please email me no sooner than the Sunday before finals week to make an appointment.

Prof. Carlos Maltzhan will teach the class during my absence. Class will meet in E2-375 (my lab). The class will be via Polycom videoconference with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Someone will be there to set up the connection. If there are any problems, call Genine or Linda at 459-4629.


  • Tuesday: MapReduce and SciHadoop.
  • Thursday: HadoopDB and PLFS.

    11/17/11 - Papers for next week We will read some papers from the last SOSP conference. Please take a look and see if there is anything that interests you:

    11/14/11 - Papers for this week
    Tuesday: Paper 2 in Reliability and Fault Tolerance (by Chou et al.) and Paper 1 in Miscellanea.
    Thursday: Paper 1 and Paper 2 in Performance Evaluation

    11/3/11 - Papers for next week (Shinpei Kato
    Tuesday: realtime systems -- Scott's RBED paper (see the reading list) and Raj's RK paper
    Thursday: virtual machines -- one traditional paper and one modern paper .

    10/27/11 - Papers for next week -- For Tuesday: papers 5 and 6 in Communications and Distributed Systems. For Thursday, papers 1 and 2 in Scheduling.

    10/17/11 - No office hours today! -- See you at the Seminar on Tuesday.

    10/03/11 - No office hours today! -- See you in class on Tuesday.

    09/30/11 - Edsger Dyjkstra on UCSC:

    I found the UCSC campus not an inspiring place, and the longer I stayed there, the more depressing it became. The place seemed most successful in hiding all the usual symptoms of a seat of learning. In the four-person apartment we occupied, only one of the four desks had a reading lamp, and the chairs in front of the desks were so low that writing at the desks was not comfortable. Probably it doesn 't matter. Can UCSC students write? Do they need to? The notice boards showed ads from typing services "Grammar and spelling corrected.". (One of these ads itself contained a spelling error!) Blackboards were hardly sufficient ; there used to be neither bucket not sponge; the acoustics were from bad to terrible; the PA systems in the large lecture hall and in the theatre were inadequate; I did not find a US post office on the --very isolated-- campus; all campus maps were incomplete, in mutual disagreement and in disagreement with the campus itself; in the one and only public place where we could meet in the evening --"Idler's Cafe"-- conversation was impossible as the result of the summum of vulgarity: a row of noisy pin-ball machines! And --as I am told: even by dormitory standards-- the food was terrible. We had to share the food --and what was worse: also the space in which to consume it-- with the participants in other "educational" activities--such as a cheer-leaders school and a school of American football. There were musical instruments on the campus and there seemed to be even a Bosendorfer, kept behind a well-locked door; initially I was annoyed by the fact that access to it was denied to us, but the accessible Yamaha's were in such a terrible shape that within half a month I had developed a certain sympathy for the guy that protected the Bosendorfer against the prevailing misuse. IIn short: the place breathed an atmosphere of uncivilization.

    09/26/11 - When sending me class-related emails, including your paper summaries, put "CMPS 221: " at the front of the subject line. That will ensure that I find them in the huge volume of email I receive each day.

    09/22/11 - Welcome to CMPS 221. This area will contain up to date information about the class, important announcements, etc.. Check back regularly for updates

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