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CMPS 200: Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Engineering (and Applied Math and Statistics and Technology and Information Management)
Fall 2007


During the quarter there will be four short assignments. These should be interesting and relatively straightforward.

Table of Contents

Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4

Assignment 1

Create a current Curriculum Vitae (academic resume) for yourself in LaTeX. You may use any resources you like on the web or elsewhere.

Turn in the LaTeX source via email to Foaad Khosmood ( Start the subject line of your email to him with [200].

Assignment 2

One slide presentation about you!

Assignment 3

Literature Search

Do a literature search on the topic of your choice. Submit latex-generated PDF document with 10 sentences. Each sentence should briefly describe in cites one paper. The result should be a short document with ~10 sentences, 10 citations, and a bibliography listing the 10 papers. Submit by email, to Foaad, both the latex and the PDF.

Assignment 4

Proposal --- Some questions to help you get started. These are questions that one DARPA program manager uses to evaluate proposals. They are good questions for any proposal.

Prof. Scott A. Brandt (