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CMPS 200: Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Engineering (and Applied Math and Statistics and Technology and Information Management)
Fall 2007

General Information

(See News below for important information)


11/16/07 - Assignment 3 will be discussed in class this coming Tuesday with an appropriately delayed due date

11/6/07 - Slides are due today. On Nov. 13 each student in the class will give a one-minute presentation describing themself. If all goes well, we should hear 60 presentations in about an hour.

One word of caution: keep it brief! You can't say much in 1 minute. Light and punchy is advisable: let's try to make this fun.

As an example: Here is one I did.

11/6/07 - The next assignment is a literature search, due two weeks from today, on Tuesday, Nov. 20. Do a literature search on the topic of your choice. Submit latex-generated PDF document with 10 sentences. Each sentence should briefly describe in cites one paper. The result should be a short document with ~10 sentences, 10 citations, and a bibliography listing the 10 papers. Submit by email, to Foaad, both the latex and the PDF.


Prof. Scott A. Brandt (