Ryan Zakskorn

Short Bio

Ryan Zakskorn is a Graduate student in Computer Engineering studying at University of California, Santa Cruz. He received his B.S. degree in Computer Engineering at the same university. During his undergraduate career (2013-18), he took part in a Senior Design Project (2017-18) designing an autonomous delivery cart with three other engineering undergraduates. Currently Ryan is working part-time as a Teaching Assistant for J. Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz teaching CMPE 3, Personal Computers. As for his graduate project/thesis, he is currently looking into labs that work with robotics and feedback control.

Academic Interests

Academic interests include Autonomous land vehicles, Controls Systems, Biomimetic Modeling, Machine Learning, and Biology. Plans to work on projects in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and feedback control. Proposed graduation date June 2019.
**Currently not part of a lab at the University of California and looking to join a lab in Robotics and Control.

Papers and Projects

Papers that are in his area of interest:
Both papers are about control systems and the different methodologies of controlling multi-vehicle formations. His fields of interest encompass intercommunication between vehicles, machine learning, robotics, controls systems, and autonomous vehicles as stated above.


M.S., Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz Fall 2018 - Present
B.S., Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz Fall 2013 - Spring 2018

Interest and Passions

Photography, Volleyball, Biking, and Hiking.
Some of my passions are finding and creating ways in which to ease the way life. This includes robotics assistance, autonomous vehicles, and many other projects that work closely with people.


Ryan Zakskorn, M.S.
Graduate Student
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Tel: (916) 956-0274
Email: rzakskor@ucsc.edu