De Huo    (Richard)

My face should be here!

       About Me

M.S. graduate student in Computer Engineering, at Jack Baskin School of Engineering.
Slug in University of California, Santa Cruz.

       Research Interests

Computer Architecture, VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Mechine Learning

        My Plan in UCSC

My first plan is to well complete my graduate course works to get a great foundation for my career prospect. In the first academic quater, I'd like to find a specific research area to be a research fellowship and do some constructive work. In my First academic year at UCSC, I plan to acomplish some big research projects and be an essential member in group works. In my Second academic year, I should be experienced in one specific research area and get a great expertise in my major. In all my graduate acadamic quaters, I should develop a great skill in group work and my English.

My face should be here!


Not coming yet.
But I will show some seminal papers in the areas which I have interests,
I found these information on Wikipedia and Google Scholar:
1. The case for a single-chip multiprocessor
By Kunle Olukotun, Basem Nayfeh, Lance Hammond, Ken Wilson, Kunyung Chang
In SIGOPS Oper. Syst. Rev. 30, pages 2–11, 1996.
2. Validity of the Single Processor Approach to Achieving Large Scale Computing Capabilities
By Gene Amdahl
In AFIPS 1967 Spring Joint Computer Conference, Atlantic City, N.J.
3. An Inductive Inference Machine
By Ray Solomonoff
In Information and Control, 10(5):447–474, 1967
4. Tutorial on higher-order statistics (spectra) in signal processing and system theory: theoretical results and some applications
By J.M. Mendel
Proceedings of the IEEE ( Volume: 79, Issue: 3, Mar 1991 )

Education Background

Sep.2017 ~ Present:
       MS in Computer Engineering, Jack Baskin School of Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz

Sep.2013 ~ Jun.2017:
       BS in Electrical Engineering and Automation, Energy and Electrical College, Hohai Univrsity, China



        Other Hobbies

Movies, Video games, Enjoying food

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