Rafael Espericueta

Engineering 2, room 307


UCSC Computer Science PhD Student

Professor of Mathematics Emeritus (Bakersfield College)

Research Interests: My research interests are in machine learning (ML), especially deep

learning, semantic segmentation, image understanding, deep reinforcement learning,

computational perception, and mathematical theories of consciousness. But now I need to start

focusing in a particular direction, which is difficult since every direction seems fascinating!

Previous Projects:

Cellular Automata Dynamics

Multi-Layer Refraction Problem

Mathematics as Art

Final Project, AI for Robotics (paper)

Final Project, AI for Robotics (video presentation)

Seam Carving

Computational Photography Portfolio

High resolution fractal, with deep-dreamed flowers

Other Interests

Zen meditation, go, jazz drumming, abstract art, and contemplating the nature of reality

For more about me, visit my LinkedIn page, and feel free to connect there!