H. Renee Sully
Graduate Student
UCSC Electrical Engineer
Nanotechnology emphasis

About me

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering in June 2014 I decided to pursue a Ph. D. in electrical engineering at University of California, Santa Cruz under the Nanotechnology emphasis. My interests are in fabrication and characterization of energetic materials and devices. During my undergraduate career at San Jose State University I took advantage of hands-on classes such as MEMS design and fabrication, integrated circuit processing and design, atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. I hope to continue to build on this experience by learning to use MOCVD to grow thin films and nanostructures. I worked with piezoelectric materials for energy generation during a NSF summer intern program in 2013 and am interested in exploring thermoelectric materials for the same purpose.

Curriculum Vitae