School of Engineering Hardware Systems Collective MASC



Jose Renau is the project leader of the MASC group.
Engineering II, E2-227
1156 High Street MS: SOE3
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Tel: 1 (831) 459-1847
Fax: 1 (831) 459-4829
Office: E2 227

Research Interests

Computer architecture, focusing on productive hardware design flows (LiveHD and ESESC), out-of-order cores, and RISC-V verification. Past projects with Thread Level Speculation, infrared thermal measurements and power modeling, and design effort metrics/models.

Looking for good MS/PhD students. We have many projects to help, contact me if you are looking for a MS/PhD thesis.

Funding MS/PhD Students

I have funding opportunities for UCSC PhD and MS students working on more productive hardware design flows. Check the current list of projects available for MS students at Contact me if you are interested.
Besides hardware productivity, I am also looking for motivated PhD in other areas in computer architecture.

The MASC group is part of UC Santa Cruz Hardware Systems Collective. The collective is a group of researchers at the Computer Science Department investigating how to design/build/architect/secure/optimize/integrate/program the next generation of hardware.

Recent News

  • A Productive Open Source Hardware Development Flow
  • CROSS funding
  • NSF SHF Cascode Supporting and Leveraging Voltage Stacking in Future Microprocessors ($285K)

Recent Selected Publications