Ravina Gelda


Hi! I'm Ravina, currently a computer Science graduate student at UCSC. I have done my first masters in India from IIT Madras in Electrical Engineering. After that I have worked for 2 years in MediaTek Headquarters, Taiwan as a Modem Software Engineer.

  • CV
  • Education

  • Masters in Computer Science at UCSC(September 2019-Present)
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras(July,2019)
  • Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications(July,2013)
  • Research Interests

    I have worked on time series analysis for my Masters thesis in IIT Madras. I have also worked on some Machine learning problems. My current research interest are Data Science, Knowledge Discovery, Machine learning, programming languages.


    Here is link to my publication Forecasting Supply in Voronoi Regions for App-Based Taxi Hailing Services

    Contact Information

    Email: rgelda@ucsc.edu