Present Research

I am currently working with computer architecture and VLSI design automation. My project is the re-pipelining of elastic processors using Fluid Pipelines, I am also working on an interactive and live synthesis flow.

Research Interests

My research interests include any topic in computer architecture, design automation (specially logic and system level synthesis) and hardware design (both logic and circuits), and related areas. Due to time constraints, my current focus include:
  • Automated Pipelining
  • Voltage Stacking
  • Elastic Systems
  • Logic Synthesis
For more information on my current research, check my publication list.

Past Projects

In the past I have worked in different research projects in different scopes:
  • Quantum Computing: The project of a quantum coprocessor used to accelerate post-quantum cryptography. Specifically, we have used the Grover Search algorithm to accelerate the Parallel CFS digital signatures.
  • Security in Embedded Devices: The focus is to provide security mechanisms into embedded device, both wireless sensors and cell phones.
  • Network-on-Chips: A study of different Network-on-Chips topologies, setting up an automated flow to generate and evaluate different parameters within a specific topology.