Chen Qian

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Jack Baskin School of Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz

Google Scholar Profile

Email: cqian12 AT ucsc Dot edu
Office: 231 E2
Phone #: 831-459-5302

What's new

8/2020 Concury load balancer paper accepted to SOCC'20. Cosolidated data plane paper accepted to HotNets'20.

5/2020 Our quantum network routing paper accepted to SIGCOMM'20. The simulation code in Kotlin is here.

3/2020 Ludo hashing accepted to SIGMETRICS'20. State-of-the-art key-value lookup method that minimizes memory cost. Try its code!

12/2019 Three papers accepted to INFOCOM'20: universal multi-path cancellation for commercial RFID, and indexing data for edge computing

9/2019 Paper accepted to VLDB'20. A more memory-efficient replacement for Bloom, Cuckoo, ... filters. Try its code!

7/2019 4 Papers accpeted to ICNP'19

5/2019 Paper about resolving server bottlenecks in cloud accpeted to USENIX ATC'19

3/2019 Paper about greedy routing in edge networks accepted to ICDCS'19

1/2019 Papers accepted to IoTDI and ToN


Fall 2018, Fall 2017: CMPE252A: Computer Networks

Sping 2018: CMPE259 Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

Winter 2020, Winter 2019, Sping 2017, : CMPE253 Network Security

Fall 2019, Spring 2019, Winter 2017, W2018: CMPE150 Introduction To Computer Networks


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California Santa Cruz. I primarily work on the fundamental problems of computer networks, systems, and security. I received the NSF CAREER Award in 2018. I am a senior member of ACM and IEEE.

I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Kentucky during 2013-2016.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin in 2013. My advisor was Simon S. Lam, meaning I am a part of the Leonard Kleinrock's family tree. I am the recipient of the James C. Browne Graduate Fellowship in 2012 (list of Browne Fellowship awardees for 2001-2012). I got my M.Phil. from Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where I worked with Prof. Lionel M. Ni (now Provost at HKUST), and also had close collaboration with Prof. Yunhao Liu (now Chairperson of CS, Michigan State University). I received my Bachelor's degree (highest honor) from Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University in 2006, under the supervision of Prof. Jiafu Xu and Prof. Fangmin Song.

I was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Research Projects

Computer networking, Internet of Things, Network Security, Edge and Cloud Computing, SDN/NFV, RFID, Mobile/Pervasive Computing, Quantum Networks, and Stroage Systems

NSF Funded Projects: CNS-1717948 (IoT), CNS-1750704 (NSF CAREER Award), CPS-1932447, CNS-1464335

Selected Publications: [full list]

- If you only have time to take a look at a few papers:

[SIGCOMM'20] Concurrent Entanglement Routing for Quantum Networks: Model and Designs. [Code of Quantum Entanglement Routing] [pdf] [video]
-- The first quantum network routing paper in top networking conferences.

[SIGMETRICS'20] Ludo hashing. [Code of Ludo hashing] [pdf] [video]
Othello hashing. [Code of Othello hashing] [pdf]
-- Ludo and Othello hashing are memory-efficient and ultra-fast key-value lookups for dynamic networks, distributed systems, and databases. Othello has also been used for
scalable RNA-seq queries.

[VLDB'19] Vacuum Filters: More Space-Efficient and Faster Replacement for Bloom and Cuckoo Filters [code] [pdf] -- Whenever you need Bloom or Cuckoo filters, replacing them with Vacuum filters will save memory cost and provide fast lookups.

[MobiCom'18][ToN][HotWireless] HuFu (»¢·û): Towards Replay-resilient RFID Authentication. [pdf] -- HuFu was the first replay-resilient authentication method for commercial RFID tags. It was the first publication in MobiCom about RFID security.

[ToN][SIGMETRICS'11] Geographic Routing in d-dimensional Spaces with Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch [PDF] -- Geographic routing for wireless networks is a classical problem that has been studied for over 20 year. This work (MDT) is considered the best solution according to a survery by Raj Jain. It is also among Simon Lam's top five picks, together with Secure Networking Programming (first version of Secure Socket Layer), Digital Signatures for Network Flows, and Atomic Predicates.

Other selected papers, most in top journals (ToN, TPDS, TMC, etc.) and top computer system/networking conferences with accept rates around 20% (SIGCOMM, INFOCOM, ICNP, MobiCom, ATC, CoNEXT, CCS, SIGMETRICS, ICDCS, NDSS, Ubicomp, PerCom, etc.)

[HotNets] Don't Work on Individual Data Plane Algorithms. Put Them Together! in Proc. of ACM HotNets , 2020 (Accept rate: 24.8%)

[SOCC] Concury: A Fast and Light-weight Software Cloud Load Balancer, in Proc. of ACM SOCC, 2020 (Accept rate: 24%)

[INFOCOM] A Fast Hybrid Data Sharing Framework for Hierarchical Mobile Edge Computing, in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, 2020. (Accept rate: 19.8%)

[INFOCOM] An Universal Method to Combat Multipaths for RFID Sensing, in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, 2020. (Accept rate: 19.8%)

[ICNP] TagAttention: Mobile Object Tracing without Object Appearance Information by Vision-RFID Fusion, in Proc. of IEEE ICNP, 2019. (Accept rate: 30/212=14.2%) [pdf]

[ICNP] When Tags ¡®Read¡¯ Each Other:Enabling Low-cost and Convenient Tag Mutual Identification, in Proc. of IEEE ICNP, 2019. (Accept rate: 30/212=14.2%) [pdf]

[ICNP] Re-designing Compact-structure based Forwarding for Programmable Networks, in Proc. of IEEE ICNP, 2019. (Accept rate: 30/212=14.2%) [pdf]

[ATC] PostMan: Rapidly Mitigating Bursty Traffic by Offloading Packet Processing, in Proc. of USENIX ATC, 2019 [pdf] (Accept rate: 71/352 = 20.2%)

[ICDCS] Efficient Data Placement and Retrieval Services in Edge Computing, in Proc. of IEEE ICDCS, 2019 [pdf] (Accept rate: 19.6%)

[IoTDI] VERID: Towards Verifiable IoT Data Management, in Proc. of ACM/IEEE IoTDI, 2019 [pdf]

[ToN] [IoTDI] Towards Secure and Efficient Communication for the Internet of Things, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. also as An IoT Data Communication Framework for Authenticity and Integrity, In Proc of ACM/IEEE IoTDI 2017. [pdf]

[INFOCOM] Collaborative Validation of Public-Key Certificates for IoT by Distributed Caching, in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, 2019 [pdf] (Accept rate: 288/1464 = 19.7%)

[INFOCOM] Efficient Indexing Mechanism for Unstructured Data Sharing Systems in Edge Computing, in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, 2019 [pdf] (Accept rate: 288/1464 = 19.7%)

[HPCA] String Figure: A Scalable and Elastic Memory Network Architecture, in Proc. of IEEE HPCA, 2019 [pdf] (Acceptance rate: 19.7%)

[Genome Biology] SeqOthello: querying RNA-seq experiments at scale, in Genome Biology, 2018. (Impact factor: 16.5) [pdf]

[TMC] [Ubicomp] [MSCC] Echoscope: Verifiable Smart Packaging with Passive RFID [pdf] (Best Paper Award of ACM MSCC)

[TDSC] [ICNP] SDN-based Privacy Preserving Cross Domain Routing [pdf]

[ToN][CoNEXT] Practical Network-wide Packet Behavior Identification by AP Classifier, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. [pdf]

[CCS] Instant and Robust Authentication and Key Agreement among Mobile Devices, in Proc of ACM CCS 2016. Acceptance Rate: 16 %. [pdf]

[ToN] [ICNP] Joint Route Selection and Update Scheduling for Low-Latency Update in SDNs. [pdf] (Best paper finalist, fast track to ToN)

[TPDS][ICNP] Space Shuffle: A Scalable, Flexible, and High-Bandwidth Data Center Network. [pdf]

[ICDCS] Pronto: Efficient Test Packet Generation for Dynamic Network Data Planes, In Proc of IEEE ICDCS 2017, Acceptance Rate: 16.9%. [pdf]

[TMC] [ICDCS] RFIPad: Enabling Cost-efficient and Device-free In-air Handwriting using Passive Tags, In Proc of IEEE ICDCS 2017, Acceptance Rate: 16.9%. [pdf]

[NDSS] FBS-Radar: Uncovering Fake Base Stations at Scale in the Wild. In Proc of ISOC NDSS 2017, Acceptance Rate: 16%. [pdf]

[Ubicomp] [TMC] Device-free Detection of Approach and Departure Behaviors using Backscatter Communication, in Proc of ACM Ubicomp 2016. Acceptance Rate: 23%. [pdf]

[ICDCS] An NFV Orchestration Framework for Interference-free Policy Enforcement, in Proc of IEEE ICDCS 2016. Acceptance Rate: 17%. [pdf]

[INFOCOM] VADS: Visual Attention Detection with a Smartphone, in Proc of IEEE INFOCOM 2016. Acceptance Rate: 18%. [pdf]

[ToN] [ICDCS] Greedy Routing by Network Distance Embedding, [pdf]

[ToN][INFOCOM] Twins: Device-free Object Tracking using Passive Tags [pdf]

[ToN] [ICNP] GenePrint: Generic and Accurate Physical-Layer Identification for UHF RFID Tags [pdf]

[ToN] A Scalable and Resilient Layer-2 Network with Ethernet Compatibility, IEEE /ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) 2016 [pdf]

[INFOCOM] Low-Complexity Multi-Resource Packet Scheduling for Network Functions Virtualization, in Proc of IEEE INFOCOM 2015. Acceptance Rate: 19%. [pdf]

[ICNP] ROME: Routing On Metropolitan-scale Ethernet in Proc of IEEE ICNP, 2012. Acceptance Rate: 22.9% [PDF]

[SIGMETRICS] [ToN] [ICNP'12 Keynote Speech] Geographic Routing in d-dimensional Spaces with Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch, in Proc of ACM SIGMETRICS, 2011. Acceptance Rate: 14.7%, extended version in IEEE /ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) [PDF] Simon Lam's keynote speach at IEEE ICNP 2012 about Multi-hop DT Routing [PPT].

[PerCom'08] Cardinality Estimation for Large-scale RFID Systems in Proc of IEEE IEEE PerCom, 2008. Acceptance Rate: 11.9%. [PDF]
[TPDS] Longer version in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Sep. 2011. (Spotlight Paper of TPDS )


Minmei Wang (PhD 2017-) BS NUPT, MS Nanjing Univ

Haofan Cai (PhD 2017-) BS SUSTech, UCSC Chancellor's Fellowship

Shouqian Shi (PhD 2017-) BS USTC

Xiaofeng Shi (PhD 2018-) BS Nanjing Univ, MS Nanjing Univ, UCSC Chancellor's Fellowship

Minghao Xie (PhD 2018-) BS Sichuan Univ. Co-advised with Heiner Litz.

Xiaoxue Zhang (PhD 2019-) BS USTC

Undergraduate researchers:

Current: Robin Mathison, Jonne Kaunisto, Ian Pham, Melanie Wong

Fomer students with my supervision:

Ye Yu (PhD 2013-2018) Best PhD student Award at UKY. Now with Google.

Xin Li (PhD 2013-2018) UCSC Dissertation Year Fellowship. Now with VMWare.

Huazhe Wang (PhD 2014-2019) Verizon Fellowship, UCSC Dissertation Year Fellowship. Now with Microsoft Azure

Ge Wang (PhD 2014-2019) Now faculty at Xi'an Jiaotong University

Yu Zhao (PhD@UKY 2016-) BS Jilin Univ, now mainly advised by Tingting Yu due to my departure from UKY.

Sanjay Krishna Gouda, (MS 2018), now with BBN Technologies.

Naishil Shah (MSc 2018) now with Cisco.

Huimin Yan (MSc 2018) now with Microsoft.

Jiayi Yang (MSc 2018) now with Google.

Jonathon Steelsmith (BSc 2018), Vincent Kim (BSc 2018). Sean Gordon (BSc 2018), Masaya Takahashi (BSc 2018), Jose Sepulveda (BSc 2018).

Yueqi Chen (BSc 2017), now PhD student at Penn State.

Wenzhi Cui (2013-2015), then PhD student at UT Austin, Now with Google

Bradley Pucket (BSc 2019), now with Amazon