Chen Qian

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Jack Baskin School of Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz

Google Scholar Profile

Email: cqian12 AT ucsc Dot edu
Office: 231 E2
Phone #: 831-459-5302

What's new

11/2018 Memory network architecture paper accepted by HPCA 2019

11/2018 SeqOthello accepted by Genome Biology journal (Impact factor: 13.2).

10/2018 One paper accepted by Ubicomp 2019

9/2018 One paper accepted by TMC

6/2018 Hu-Fu () accepted to MobiCom 2018.

6/2018 NSF CAREER Award for Othello Hashing and its applications

5/2018 NetCP accepted to IWQoS 2018. H2Cloud accepted to ICPP 2018.

4/2018 Echoscope accepted to TMC -- verifiable smart packaging

3/2018 Othello Hashing accepted to ToN --only three months after submission. Fastest speed and least memory cost among all network lookup algorithms.

2/2018 One paper accepted to TDSC -- privacy preserving cross domain routing optimization


Fall 2017, Fall 2018: CMPE252A: Computer Networks

Sping 2018: CMPE259 Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

Sping 2017: CMPE253 Network Security

Winter 2017, W2018: CMPE150 Introduction To Computer Networks


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at University of California Santa Cruz. I received the NSF CAREER Award in 2018.

I was an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Kentucky, and a faculty member of the Laboratory for Advanced Networking during 2013-2016.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin in 2013. My advisor was Simon S. Lam, meaning I am a part of the Leonard Kleinrock's family tree. I am the recipient of the James C. Browne Graduate Fellowship in 2012 (list of Browne Fellowship awardees for 2001-2012). I interned at AT&T Labs-Research in May-Aug, 2012. I got my M.Phil. from Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where I worked with Prof. Lionel M. Ni (now Provost at University of Macau), and also had close collaboration with Prof. Yunhao Liu (now Dean of School of Engineering, Tsinghua University). I received my Bachelor's degree (highest honor) from Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University in 2006, under the supervision of Prof. Jiafu Xu and Prof. Fangmin Song.

I was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Research Projects

Computer networking, Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Cloud, SDN/NFV, Network Security, RFID, Mobile/Pervasive Computing, and Cyber Physical Systems

NSF Funded Projects: CNS-1717948 (IoT), CNS-1750704 (Othello Hashing)

Selected Publications: [full list]

- If you only have time to read two recent papers:

[MobiCom'18] [HotWireless'17] Hu-Fu: Towards Replay-resilient RFID Authentication, ACM MobiCom, 2018. [pdf] (First reply-resilient solution to battery-free IoT)

[ToN] [ICNP'17] [SIGMETRICS'17] Memory-efficient and Ultra-fast Network Lookup and Forwarding using Othello Hashing. [Code of Othello Hashing] [pdf]

Other selected papers, most in top journals and top computer system/networking conferences with accept rates around 20% (INFOCOM, ICNP, MobiCom, CoNEXT, CCS, SIGMETRICS, ICDCS, NDSS, Ubicomp, PerCom, etc.)

[HPCA'19] String Figure: A Scalable and Elastic Memory Network Architecture, in Proc. of IEEE HPCA, 2019

[Genome Biology] SeqOthello: querying RNA-seq experiments at scale, in Genome Biology, 2018. (Impact factor: 13.2) [pdf]

[TMC] [Ubicomp'16] [MSCC'15] Echoscope: Verifiable Smart Packaging with Passive RFID [pdf] (Best Paper Award of ACM MSCC)

[TDSC] [ICNP'15] SDN-based Privacy Preserving Cross Domain Routing [pdf]

[ToN] Minimizing Controller Response Time Through Flow Redirecting in SDNs, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

[INFOCOM'18] Trio: Utilizing Tag Interference for Refined Localization of Passive RFID.

[ToN] [INFOCOM'17] Minimizing Flow Statistics Collection Cost Using Wildcard-based Requests in SDNs, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. [pdf]

[MECOMM'17] SDLB: A Scalable and Dynamic Software Load Balancer for Fog and Mobile Edge Computing, in Proc of ACM SIGCOMM 2017 Workshop on Mobile Edge Communications (MECOMM), 2017. [pdf]

[Bioinformatics] A Novel Data Structure to Support Ultra-fast Taxonomic Classification of Metagenomic Sequences with k-mer Signatures, in Bioinformatics, 2017 [pdf]

[ToN][CoNEXT'15] Practical Network-wide Packet Behavior Identification by AP Classifier, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. [pdf]

[CCS'16] Instant and Robust Authentication and Key Agreement among Mobile Devices, in Proc of ACM CCS 2016. Acceptance Rate: 16 %. [pdf]

[ToN] [ICNP'16] Joint Route Selection and Update Scheduling for Low-Latency Update in SDNs. [pdf] (Best paper finalist, fast track to ToN)

[TPDS][ICNP'14] Space Shuffle: A Scalable, Flexible, and High-Bandwidth Data Center Network. [pdf]

[SECON'17] HMRL: Relative Localization of RFID Tags with Static Devices , In Proc of IEEE SECON, 2017, Acceptance Rate: 26 %. [pdf]

[ICDCS'17] Pronto: Efficient Test Packet Generation for Dynamic Network Data Planes, In Proc of IEEE ICDCS 2017, Acceptance Rate: 16.9%. [pdf]

[ICDCS'17] RFIPad: Enabling Cost-efficient and Device-free In-air Handwriting using Passive Tags, In Proc of IEEE ICDCS 2017, Acceptance Rate: 16.9%. [pdf]

[IoTDI'17] An IoT Data Communication Framework for Authenticity and Integrity, In Proc of ACM/IEEE IoTDI 2017, Acceptance Rate: 29%. [pdf]

[NDSS'17] FBS-Radar: Uncovering Fake Base Stations at Scale in the Wild. In Proc of ISOC NDSS 2017, Acceptance Rate: 16%. [pdf]

[Ubicomp'16] [TMC] Device-free Detection of Approach and Departure Behaviors using Backscatter Communication, in Proc of ACM Ubicomp 2016. Acceptance Rate: 23%. [pdf]

[ICDCS'16] An NFV Orchestration Framework for Interference-free Policy Enforcement, in Proc of IEEE ICDCS 2016. Acceptance Rate: 17%. [pdf]

[AsiaCCS'16] Building an Encrypted, Distributed, and Searchable Key-value Store, in Proc of ACM Asia CCS 2016. Acceptance Rate: 20.9%. [pdf]

[INFOCOM'16] VADS: Visual Attention Detection with a Smartphone, in Proc of IEEE INFOCOM 2016. Acceptance Rate: 18%. [pdf]

[ToN][ICNP'14] CBID: A Customer Behavior Identification System Using Passive Tags [PDF]

[COMCOM] Providing Explicit Congestion Control and Multi-Homing Support for Content-Centric Networking Transport, accepted by Elsevier Computer Communications. (Fast track from ICCCN'14) [pdf]

[ICNP'15] EMoD: Efficient Motion Detection of Device-free Objects Using Passive RFID Tags, in Proc of IEEE ICNP, 2015. Acceptance Rate: 20.3%. [pdf]

[ToN] [ICDCS'11] Greedy Routing by Network Distance Embedding, [pdf]

[IWQoS'15] Traffic and Failure Aware VM Placement for Multi-tenant Cloud Computing, in Proc of IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2015. Acceptance Rate: 22.5%. [pdf]

[ToN][INFOCOM'14] Twins: Device-free Object Tracking using Passive Tags [pdf]

[ToN] [ICNP'13] GenePrint: Generic and Accurate Physical-Layer Identification for UHF RFID Tags [pdf]

[ToN] A Scalable and Resilient Layer-2 Network with Ethernet Compatibility, IEEE /ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) 2016 [pdf]

[INFOCOM'15] Low-Complexity Multi-Resource Packet Scheduling for Network Functions Virtualization, in Proc of IEEE INFOCOM 2015. Acceptance Rate: 19%. [pdf]

[ComNet] [ANCS'14] DiFS: Distributed Flow Scheduling for Adaptive Routing in Hierarchical Data Center Networks, [pdf]

[HotSDN'14] Distributed Collaborative Monitoring in Software Defined Networks, in Proc of ACM SIGCOMM HotSDN, 2014. Accept rate: 28.9% [PDF]

[ICNP'12] ROME: Routing On Metropolitan-scale Ethernet in Proc of IEEE ICNP, 2012. Acceptance Rate: 22.9% [PDF]

[SIGMETRICS'11] [ToN] [ICNP'12 Keynote Speech] Geographic Routing in d-dimensional Spaces with Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch, in Proc of ACM SIGMETRICS, 2011. Acceptance Rate: 14.7%, extended version in IEEE /ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) [PDF] Simon Lam's keynote speach at IEEE ICNP 2012 about Multi-hop DT Routing [PPT].

[ICDCS'10] ASAP: Scalable Arbitration for Contactless RFID Systems in Proc of IEEE ICDCS, 2010. Acceptance Rate: 14.3%. [PDF]
[TPDS] Longer version in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS).

[PerCom'08] Cardinality Estimation for Large-scale RFID Systems in Proc of IEEE IEEE PerCom, 2008. Acceptance Rate: 11.9%. [PDF]
[TPDS] Longer version in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Sep. 2011. (Spotlight Paper of TPDS )


Xin Li (PhD 2013-) BS UESTC, MS UC Riverside, UCSC Dissertation Year Fellowship. Interned with Facebook

Ye Yu (PhD@UKY 2013-2018) BS Beihang (BUAA), Best PhD student Award at UKy. Now at Google.

Huazhe Wang (PhD 2014-) BS BJTU, MS BUPT, Verizon Fellowship, UCSC Dissertation Year Fellowship. Interned with HP Labs

Minmei Wang (PhD 2017-) BS NUPT, MS Nanjing Univ

Haofan Cai (PhD 2017-) BS SUSTech, UCSC Chancellor's Fellowship

Shouqian Shi (PhD 2017-) BS USTC, MS Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ge Wang (PhD@XJTU 2014-) co-advised with Jinsong Han, through CSC program

Undergraduate researchers:

Current: Bradley Pucket, Alexandra Sun, Alex Smirnov?

Fomer students with my supervision:

Naishil Shah (MSc 2018) now at Cisco. Vincent Kim (BSc 2018). Sean Gordon (BSc 2018), Masaya Takahashi (BSc 2018), Jose Sepulveda (BSc 2018).

Yu Zhao (PhD@UKY 2016-) BS Jilin Univ, now mainly advised by Tingting Yu due to my leave from UK.

Wenzhi Cui (2013-2015), then PhD student at UT Austin, Now with Google