Pengyang Zhou

Software Engineer, Security Engineer

About Me

  • Skilled software developer, creative problem solver, collaborative team member.
  • Energetic software engineer with 5+ years’ experience on back-end, front-end software development and security.
  • Developed automation tools that increased work efficiency by 40% for Thomson Reuters.
  • Won the 4th place in Information Security Competition of State Grid Corporation of China in April 2018.
  • High EQ with good performance both in industries and universities.
  • Caption of Women's Basketball Team of Computer Science Department at NCEPU.


Illumina Inc.

Software Engineer Intern

• Solution Exploring: Explored solutions for running workflows for Illumina State Language(ISL). De-ployed Cadence server services with local machines, Docker, and WebUI. (Workflows, Step Functions, AWS, Micro-services)

• Workflow Execution Service Development: Designed and implemented DTOs(Data Transfer Objects) for ISL states. Designed customized activities for ISL workflows. Implemented activities and workflows with inter/outer input and output context. (Java, Spring Boot, Docker, JSON).

State Grid Corporation of China

Security Development Engineer & Network Engineer

• Designed the website and infrastructure for Emergency Command System for the 14th minsters’ meeting of SCO, using Java, MySQL, SpringBoot, Maven.

• Implemented scripts for OS/DB/Middleware reinforcement and penetration test through Linux, Docker, Shell, Python.

• Monitored network traffic with DPtech Firewall, Anti-Virus Software, IPS, IDS to protect sensitive data, conducted vulnerability scans on 2000+ servers and computers to eliminate potential risks.

Thomson Reuters

Software Engineer/Software Engineer Intern

• Developed an automation application to fetch and analyze website data through Fiddler, Wireshark.

• Developed APIs for file operations, web clients, log interfaces, file and database operations.

• Implemented automatic test cases for Reuters News website through Java, JUnit.

• Designed and implemented web APIs for data transmitting to other databases, MySQL, SQL Server.

Re-designed database and optimized data analysis algorithms.

Beijing Rongxinchuan Tech Company

Software Development Engineer (Part-time)

• Led and developed two sub-systems for the main product using Java, Oracle, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.

• Handled the software development life cycle: requirement analysis, database design, coding, testing, deployment and technical support.

• Boosted team corporation through meetings, Jira, Git, Internal Wiki.


University of University, Santa Cruz

Aug 2018 - Dec 2019(Expect)

Master of Science in Computer Science

North China Electric Power University

Sept 2011 - Apr 2014

Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology

North China Electric Power University

Sept 2007 - July 2011

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology


Online Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

• Designed and implemented back-end image server and OCR server for project with GCP, Vision API.

• Built Restful APIs for image uploading, retrieving and recognizing character patterns from images.

• Implemented algorithms for image correction with OpenCV and C++.

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Emergency Command System for Power Grid

• Designed the architecture for system integration with 4G Smart Terminal and Digital Trunked Communication platforms.

• Implemented system for security communication for the 14th Minsters’ Meeting of SCO.

Thomson Reuters ETI Automation Tools

• Designed and implemented an automation application for data analysts.

• Developed APIs for file operations, web clients, log interfaces, file and database operations.

• Designed and implemented web APIs for data transmitting to other databases, MySQL, SQL Server.

Underwater Robot Swimming Strategy Optimization

• Designed a point-to-point path optimization algorithm for swimming strategy of robots.

• Implemented proposed algorithm using C++ and demonstrated the algorithm’s effectiveness by shortened swimming time in competitions.

Power Grid GIC Monitoring and Early Warning System

• Software development team leader, responsible for system investigation, design, development, testing, and maintenance.

• Investigated the forecasting method of GIC data through artificial intelligent algorithms, NN/RNN.

• Developed web pages for data display and analysis through MsChart API, Google Map API.


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