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Image Processing / Computer Vision Resources

Pattern Recognition on the Web
BIG > Download algorithms
Resampling theory
Image DB
USC-SIPI Image Database
Peter's MATLAB Functions for CV
Computer Vision Test Images
Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography: Table of Contents
CIS Database
LTILib -- an open source image processing library in C++
OpenCV -- another IP/CV library
LATEX maths and graphics
Computer Vision Source Codes
VISTA -- a software environment for computer vision research
USF Range Image Database
OpenVIDIA -- GPU accelerated Computer Vision Library

Quotes and Taglines

Teatime with Taglines

Some commonly known places

Google Scholar -- stand on the shoulders of giants !
Sourceforge -- open source projects and downloads
Freshmeat -- another kool site dedicated to open source projects
RPMfind -- one of the best places to search for RPMs for ur linux distro
Livna-- a repo for Fedora RPMs a nice repo of linux stuff... small and big

Some freely available applications

GAIM -- a multi-protocol supported Instant Messenger
Brim -- a multi-utility Personal Information Manager (PIM)
PHP iCalendar -- a nice utility to upload your calendar, supports iCal format
BBClone -- a cool site traffic analysis tool
WordPress -- a nice tool to set up your own blog site
Mozilla Firefox -- a nice free browser -- a version for Windows also
Thunderbird -- a nice free e-mail client -- a version for windows also
MyPhotoAlbum -- a nice tool to set up your own photo album on the web.


ESPN Star -- my information kiosk for sporting events around the world
Cricinfo -- everything about cricket with live update of on-going matches

Some nice miscellaneous links

phdcomics-- a nice place to read about grad-school life... its' the same everywhere :)
Reader's Digest-- one of the best mags I have got my hands on
The Hindu-- a good Indian newspaper