Parameswaran Raman

PhD Student, Computer Science
University of California Santa Cruz (transferred from Purdue University - 2014)
email:, office: Engineering 2, 489

I am in the job market and am looking for researcher/applied scientist positions starting Spring 2020.


I'm a Computer Science PhD student, working on Statistical Machine learning, advised by Prof. S.V.N. Vishwanathan. My interests lie at the intersection of Optimization and Machine Learning, with applications in areas such as Ranking / Recommender Systems, Extreme Classification (multi-class or multi-label involving huge # of classes/labels) and Deep Learning. Other interests include Graphical Models and Scalable Bayesian Inference.

My thesis work has focussed on: I have experience designing and implementing parallel optimization/inference algorithms in distributed memory settings, for a variety of large-scale supervised and unsupervised machine learning models.

I am very excited about applying advances from algorithms/numerical linear algebra and systems/high-performance computing areas to develop computationally efficient machine learning algorithms that can deal with massive datasets.

My full CV is available here [pdf].

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