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Using the Java By Dissection book
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How to do your CS homework on the Macintosh

So, you've fallen in love with your Macintosh (and who could blame you!) Beacause of this, you have decided to major in Computer Science (or something related) but you've suddenly discovered that all of your assignments are given for Unix, or if you are really unlucky it's for Windows. Oh, despair! So, is it time to change your major to something less desperate? Something like Science, Humanities, or Art?

Fear not Mac Brethren! I have the answer for you. As a Master's student in Computer Science who loves the Mac, I have paved the road for you. And as a TA, I can give you some extra clues which can make doing your homework on the Macintosh easier. This site will be split into many different areas, with me adding more as I get time to finish them.

"But wait!" you ask, "I have Codewarrior and MPW, shouldn't that be enough?" Well, that's a very good start, but working with the Macintosh is very different from working with Unix or Windows. There are issues with transferring your source files over, keeping up makefiles, and just the fact that just because it builds and runs on your mac doesn't mean it will build or run on your TA's machine that they are using to grade you. So let me be your guide through the treacherous and twisted world of doing your CS homework on the Mac.

In the beginning...

All programs start with the basics, whether it be in Java, C or C++, we all start at the beginning...

Wise fool? Come learn more

Now that you've learned the basics, lets look to the pitfalls of more advanced Data Structure and Algorithm homeworks. Because of the lack of protected memory on MacOS, a project that runs on MacOS can not run on Unix. I show you how to recognize those problems and give you some strategies for finding and fixing those problems.

So, you think you are ready for the advanced stuff?

Wow! Now we can get into all of the fun graphics and other stuff! Here I try to show you how you can do your graphics programming work on the Mac as well as show things like how to use your Mac for Compilers homework and any other odds and ends I can come up with.

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