A Java Course Outline
Using the Java By Dissection book
by Ira Pohl and Charlie McDowell


Home Page for Java Course Outline

This website is intended as a broad outline for teaching from Java by Dissection by Pohl and McDowell. These webpages were originally used by Ira Pohl in his Introduction to Programming course with Java as the teaching language. The first three chapters of Java by Dissection are available for free in eMatter form as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and source code for the book is also available. Source code and further information for the tio package is also available.

Charlie McDowell has also taught the course. His notes are available at http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/~charlie/book/notes/.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introductory remarks what is a Java program
  2. Program Fundamentals
  3. Statements and Control Flow
  4. Methods
  5. More Methods
  6. Objects
  7. More Objects
  8. Java applets
  9. Arrays
  10. More array applications


The following programs are recommended for in-class discussion

The book makes extensive use of a package it calls tio. Here is the code:

The java source code for Java by Dissection is also available.

Homework Problems

These assignments were given during the ten week course. Solutions shown here are those deemed best by the TA in the course. General information for compiling and running programs on Unix, Windows, and Mac systems is available.

Students taking computer courses at UCSC are given access to sites which instruct them on the use of the web, e-mail, and newsgroups, general FAQs about the use of the computers on campus, and lab information for using Java in the computer labs.

Sample Exams

Sites of Interest


The original Webmaster for this site, Doug Whitmore, put in a great deal of much appreciated work on the initial design and content of these pages based on Professor Pohl's course. He is responsible for many of the fine Java examples, apt remarks, and careful observations throughout the website.

Feel free to report any site problems to the Webmaster, Debra Dolsberry.