Queer Ecologies

The Queer Ecologies cluster is a reading group that meets every other week to investigate how sexuality and concepts of nature have been historically linked. In particular, we are interested in how evolutionary and ecological science has informed what is "natural" and how we use this information to delineate certain sexual behaviors as normal or aberrant. Queer Ecologies seeks to examine the historical making of the natural as it relates to sexuality while communicating the overwhelming diversity of sex and gender in biology.

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To do:
- The Real World of Technology, Dr. Ursula Franklin
- Feminism and the Critique of Scientific Method, Margaret Benston
  • Formulating questions of science within a context of community.

    - Queer U at the University of British Columbia, "Sex and Gender Diversity in Nature". March 2017. Presentation.
    - Brain, Mind, Consciousness Society Speaker Series, "Sex and Gender Diversity in Nature". April 2017. Presentation.
    - The Diversity Center of Santa Cruz County, "Sex and Gender Diversity in Nature". October 2017. Presentation.

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