Workshop description

This multi-disciplinary workshop will bring together scientists from various fields that are interested in double-diffusive systems. Double-diffusive instabilities and double-diffusive mixing are clearly important in oceanography, astrophysics, planetary physics and other applications, whilst simultaneously demanding the development of fundamental theory in fluid mechanics and applied mathematics. We will consider all possible regimes of double-diffusive instability, including the "fingering" case (often referred to as "thermohaline convection" in astrophysics), in the "diffusive" case (equivalently "semi-convection"), magnetic double-diffusive instabilities, GSF instabilities, etc.. We will invite observers, theorists, experimentalists and numericists to present their latest results.


Scientific Organising Committee

Pascale Garaud, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz

Neil Balfmorth, Professor in Applied Mathematics, UBC Vancouver

Nic Brummell, Professor in Applied Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz

Timour Radko, Professor of Physical Oceanography, NPS Monterrey

Raymond Schmitt, Senior Scientist in Physical Oceanography, WHOI, Woods Hole.


Local Organising Committee

Pascale Garaud (general questions)

Toby Wood (accomodation questions)

Nic Brummell (travel questions)