Peter Cottrell

           Computational Media Ph.D. Student at UC Santa Cruz

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I am a Human Computer Interaction and Design researcher who creates robotic systems and iteractive design for self-improvement. My research started focusing on assistive technology to help people with disabilities and strive for universal access in all my projects. I work with makers, artists and material engineers to explore e-textiles, sensors and soft-robotics to create new modes of deformable controllers for assistive technology. I am currently a Computational Media Ph.D. candidate at University of California Santa Cruz, working with Sri Kurniawan and Katherine Isbister. I anticipate finishing my Ph.D. in 2020. I finished my BS in Bioengineering with a focus in Rehabilitation in 2013 from UC Santa Cruz studying under Sri Kurniawan and Mircea Teodorescu.

Peter walking with 
							dogs as part of Woof Pack

In addition to research I also spend time working with WoofPack831, a pack walking group that helps train dogs in well-mannered interactions with other dogs. I have a passion for co-op board games, RPG video games, puzzle hunts and puzzle rooms.