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Lowe Lab
Department of Biomolecular Engineering
School of Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz

241B Sinsheimer Labs


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  I am a second year PhD Bioinformatics student. My research interest is identifying novel non-coding RNAs and their functions in prokaryotes including archaea and eubacteria using comparative genomics, microarray, and any other technologies.      
        Besides being a graduate student, I am also a software engineer and a graphic designer. The software that I design and develop are mostly written in C++ and Java. Occasionally I will develop in Visual Basic and Perl. In addition, I work on database modeling and develop in Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL, and Postgre SQL. I usually develop for Windows environment, but start getting use to Linux now.  
    My graphic design environment is Mac OS. I use Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for print design including posters, mailers, corporate logos, book cover and layout, and whatever can be printed out on paper. For web design, Macromedia Dreamveaver and Macromedia Flash are the main tools. Here is a poster that I designed most recently for Alternative Splicing section in PSB 2004.