Welcome to my personal website. I am currently a graduate student at University of California, Santa Cruz pursuing a M.S. in Computer Engineering. You may check out my resume, or my research papers and projects done for school. I will also post links to other things of interest to me and other personal projects.

My interests include the development of hardware for robotic systems including PCB design, software design with microcontrollers, and design of analog and digital sensor interfaces. In my spare time, I like to modify and repair vintage video gaming and synthesizer hardware.

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Project Title Description Link
Autonomous Crown-Fetching Robot "Built during a month long mechatronics design challenge. The robot was to hunt through rooms for a pedestal giving off an IR signal. The crown was obtained from this pedestal and brought to the starting room pedestal." UCSC
Mechatronic EMG-Controlled Prosthetic Arm "Designed as a senior design project. A cable actuated 5-finger hand was built with 2 degrees of freedom in the wrist joint. Gestures could be selected via a GUI interface and controlled via electrical muscle sensors." UCSC
Description Link
EEVBlog Electrical Engineering Vlog Youtube