The goal of this workshop is to bring researchers from astronomy, computer science, applied math and statistics together for a stimulating and informative discussion on topics of interdisciplinary interests. A common theme centers around how to process and understand large data sets collected from observations or from numerical simulations. The workshop will have two sessions covering both data analysis and visual exploration of astrophysics data sets. The sessions will have talks from cosmology researchers and related ISSDM projects. More important than sharing experiences and recent findings, we hope that the presentations will help provoke discussions on possible areas and challenging problems for future collaboration.

This workshop is part of the Third Annual SRL/ISSDM Research Symposium.


The workshop is open to faculty, students, and researchers who are interested in the application of applied mathematics and statistics, computer science and information technology to the problems encountered in cosmology research.

The number of workshop participants will be limited by room capacity. Please register early to assure your spot.

Time Event
9:15 Registration and Breakfast (Provided; Lower Engineering Courtyard)
9:45 Welcome and Plenary Keynote Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Unique, Irreplaceable, National Resource in the Department of Energy
Gary Grider (Deputy Division Leader, LANL)
10:20 Break and Transition to Workshops
11:00 Session 1 (Chair: Alex Pang) Analysis of Cosmology Data
(room 215-E2)
11:00 Uliana Popov (PhD Student, UCSC) Halo Finder vs Local Extractors: Similarities and Differences
11:30 Zoe Buck (PhD Student, UCSC) Families Interacting with Scientific Visualizations in an Immersive Planetarium Show
12:00 Joel Primack (Professor, UCSC) Visualizing High-Resolution Simulations of Galaxy Formation and Comparing the Simulations to the Latest Observations from Hubble and Other Telescopes
12:30 Lunch (Provided; Lower Engineering courtyard)
1:30 Session 2 (Chair: Bruno Sansó) Visual Exploration of Cosmology Data
(room 215-E2)
1:30 Tracy Holsclaw, PhD (Alumna, UCSC) Gaussian Process Modeling of Dark Energy
2:00 Katrin Heitmann (Researcher, Argonne National Laboratory) Science with Cosmic Visualization
2:30 Salman Habib (Researcher, Argonne National Laboratory) How to Stuff a Supercomputer into a Laptop and Help Invert the Universe
3:00 Coffee Break Informal Discussion
  • Bruno Sansó, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, UCSC
  • Alex Pang, Computer Science Department, UCSC
UCSC - Engineering 2 Building
Bionics Lab - E2 - Room No. 201
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064