CMP 261 -- Final Project Guidelines

Important Dates:

Final Project:

This is an individual project meant to be developed and completed over the course of the quarter -- realistically about 5-6 weeks level of effort. You get to decide what project you want to do -- after I review it for scope and content. For projects with larger scope, a 2-person project is possible. The main considerations are that:

Projects are first come, first serve. It's to your advantage to get your project approved early. You'll also get a head start and have more time to do a better project.

Interesting Vis Website: Due Sep 30, 2021

This is your first assignment with the goal of getting you started to think about possible project, if you don't already have one in mind. In either case, find and share (present) the website that contains visualization(s) that you find interesting. Simply send me an email, by NOON of Sep 30, 2021 so that I can add it to our list of interesting visualizations for presentation on Oct 01, 2021. Include a title and short description.

Preliminary Project Proposal(s): Due Oct 8, 2021

If you haven't communicated with me about what project you'll be working on, please do so as soon as possible. Best is you describe your project idea(s) to me, then follow up with an email confirmation. If you prefer email, please describe 3 projects ranked according to your preference. Please provide sufficient info so that I have a sense of what your project will entail. Also include a title for each proposed project(s). We will have iterate on those via email or in person. Do this on or before Oct 15, 2021.

Final Project Proposal and First Draft of your Report: Due Oct 15, 2021

This forms the first draft of your final project report written in the form of a technical paper. It should include the following items, though the contents does not have to be very polished at this point.

The proposal is a writeup on the order of 2-4 pages of technical materials that covers the items listed above. Use a paper template for a potential journal / conference that you can submit your work to. For example, assume a paper submission to IEEE TVCG which is roughly similar in page length as a conference submission. Please submit this as a pdf file. You can use to create your latex document. It will then compile it for you as a pdf document which you can download and submit. Name this pdf file with your 1st initial followed by last name, then proposal.pdf.

For example, I would name mine apang.proposal.pdf

Project Checkpoint: Due Oct 31, 2021

Presentations will start on Nov 1, but I'll need your materials the day before so that we can set up the links.

I am expecting two items from each of you: (a) an updated paper writeup with a more complete related work section, a more fleshed out research approach section with prelim results, analysis, and visualizations (probably 4-6 pages of technical writeup at this point); and (b) presentation materials (ppt, pdf, doc) for your project update.

How to Submit:

Name your updated report as: first initial, last name, report.pdf.
E.g. mine would be

Name your presentation material as: first initial, last name, checkpoint.
E.g. apang.checkpoint.ppt

Put these 2 items in a folder named: first initial, last name and email the zipped folder to me.

Final Project Requirements: Due Nov 28, 2021

Presentations will start on Nov 29, but I will need your materials the day before so that I can set up the links.

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