CMP 261 -- Approved Final Projects

Last modified Thursday, 02-Dec-2021 21:26:17 PST.

Order Name Title Proposal Review Update
XXX Milad Hakimshafaei An agent-based simulation of the wildfire Proposal Monte Carlo Physarum Machine: An Agent-based Model for Reconstructing Complex 3D Transport Networks
Stefany: second reviewer
XXX Stefany Arevalo CollegeViz Report A Preliminary Work on Visualization-based Education Tool for High School Machine Learning Education
Milad: second reviewer
XXX Akash Chaudhary Intuitive data representation techniques for representing paralinguistic speech data Proposal Designing a Context-based Educational System for Improving Communicative Expressions
Maxim: second reviewer
XXX Reilly Raab Temporally Sampled Gaussian Bridges for Visualizing Financial Time Series Uncertainty Report SAVU: Sample-based Analysis and Visualization of Uncertainty
Kiefer: second reviewer
XXX Kiefer Selmon Sparse Convolution Visualization Report Effective Sparse Matrix Representation for the GPU Architectures
Reilly: second reviewer
XXX Won Ko Analysis and 2D, 3D visualization of Long Term Typhoon Data Report Application of uncertainty visualization methods to meteorological trajectories
Eric: second reviewer
XXX Maxim Kuznetsov Real-time analysis of volumetric data in the browser with WebXR Proposal In the Blink of an Eye -- Leveraging Blink-Induced Suppression for Imperceptible Position and Orientation Redirection in Virtual Reality
Akash: second reviewer
XXX Eric Sandoval Comparing the Accuracy of Results From Photogrammetry to Machine Learning Methods for Generating 3D Face Models Report A Morphable Model For The Synthesis Of 3D Faces
Won: second reviewer
XXX Zenan Jin XXX Proposal What is the difference between augmented reality and 2D navigation electronic maps in pedestrian wayfinding?
XXX: second reviewer