CSE 261 Fall 2020 Final Projects

Project Awards:

We did not run the competition this year due to remote learning format.

Final Projects:

Latent space trajectories of biological and artificial neural-networks
Ash Robbins

Interactive network visualization and anomaly detection based on deep learning
Hayden Chen

Object detection visualization
Jiayi Wei

Generation and visualization of cosmological data
Kapil Gupta

KG-COVID-19 graph analysis
Omkar Patil

Visualize an algorithm for planning trajectory
Shengjie Zhang

Di-Mask : COVID mask tracker and distance detector
Sonali Suri

Interactive visualization system of adversarial search algorithm
Sherry Ma

Correlation between weather and Twitter sentiment across the U.S.
Yiting Wang

Data visualization for gaming agent of Go using deep reinforcement learning
Zhongmou Cai

Rishika Singh