CMP 161 -- Final Project Guidelines

Important Dates:

NOTE: There will be a 2% LATE PENALTY for EACH item that is late. The 2% is based on your course grade, not just the project grade! March 15 is the final deadline. Nothing will be accepted beyond that date. Don't expect to get immediate response to your proposals if you submit at the last minute!

Final Project:

This is an individual project meant to be completed in about 2 weeks. You get to decide what project you want to do -- after we review it. The main considerations are:

Projects are first come, first serve. It's to your advantage to get your project approved early. You'll also get a head start and have more time to do a better project.

Preliminary Project Proposal:

Submit 3 project ideas that you would like to work on. Rank them in the order of your preference. Provide enough detail to explain each of your idea. You can submit the list to me, preferably by email (or by hardcopy preferable only if you have drawings). I will respond to you by email, so be sure to include your email address in the hardcopy.

Since students should preferably work on different project topics, those getting the proposals in early and finalized get 1st pick on the topic.

Don't wait till the last minute to submit your proposals since it may take more than 1 iteration to arrive at your final project.

Final Project Proposal:

This is a 1-2 page writeup describing your final project in more detail. It also serves as your 1st draft of the Project Report. Include your project goals (list of different project components/features) and a time line on when you plan to complete different pieces of the project. You should set up your report as an html file.

Project Requirements:


As an added incentive, we'll be running a competition among your projects. Winners get a chance to select some goodies. Here's a sample voting/entry form .

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