CMPS 160: Fall 2017
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Grading Policies:

Attendance: Attendance in the labs is required. You are responsible for materials covered in the lecture and the labs. Quizzes and exams are held during lecture hours.

General Policies: All course work are intended as individual effort (unless explicitly mentioned otherwise) and are graded as such. It is okay to discuss general approaches and algorithms with other students, but this should be done without writing, looking, or sharing code. Cheating or plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. What happens is that you will get a zero for the test or program, and the clause about having to "pass all components in order to pass the course" kicks in. Aside from academic sanctions, additional disciplinary sanctions may apply if this is not your first offense. Punishment will match severity of offense. You are responsible for protecting your solutions and programs from being copied by others. Refer to the Academic Misconduct Policy for Undergraduates. If anything is not clear, ask me.

Protecting your work: Because WebGL is run off a browser, it is important that you develop your code "offline" by pointing the browser to a local file as opposed to a url.

Before you submit your work: Make sure that your program runs on the browsers in the lab. If it does not, we cannot grade them.

Submitting your work: Each programming assignment should be placed in its own folder. The folder should contain at least 4 files:

The features.html file should contain your name, login ID, programming assignment number, date, etc. It should have a high-level description of your implementation including what was implemented, what was not, any special features, a user-guide if appropriate, etc. Finally, it should have at least one output image and a link to the driver.html file for the user (grader) to test your code. Your javascript code should have proper documentation including comment blocks for each function, and inline comments as appropriate. Code should be formatted so that it is easy for humans to read. All references in both html files should be local i.e. relative to your submit folder.

You can re-submit as often as you want. We will only grade the most recent submission.

Do not submit the Matsuda/Lea lib folder. Make sure that your driver.html file refer to this folder as ../lib. When we grade your submissions, there will be a lib folder that is at the same level as your submission folder.

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