Photo: Owen Arden

Reseach Interests

Designing secure and scalable distributed applications is incredibly important but almost impossible when policies and workloads change dynamically.

I study language-based approaches to security and distributed systems that offer strong security guarantees and adaptive performance in dynamic environments.


Selected Publications

  • Fabric: Building open distributed systems securely by construction (JCS - July 2017)
    Jed Liu, Owen Arden, Michael D. George, Andrew C. Myers
    A secure decentralized distributed programming language and system
  • A Calculus for Flow-Limited Authorization (CSF - June 2016)
    Owen Arden, Andrew C. Myers
    A core programming model that uses flow-limited authorization to provide end-to-end information security to dynamic authorization mechanisms and programs that use them.
  • Flow-Limited Authorization (CSF - July 2015)
    Owen Arden, Jed Liu, Andrew C. Myers
    A new model that unifies authorization and information flow to enforce dynamic policies robustly and without side-channels.
  • Warranties for faster strong consistency (NSDI - April 2014)
    Jed Liu, Tom Magrino, Owen Arden, Michael D. George, Andrew C. Myers
    Warranties are adaptively generated time-limited assertions about distributed state that enable fast, linearizable distributed transactions with optimistic concurrency control.

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