Nazib Sorathiya

(831) 400-9230 ยท

I have received my Bachelors of Engineering from RCOEM, Nagpur, India in Computer Science and Engineering department. Currently, I am a first year master's student in Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Before starting my master's I have worked at Oracle on their Core Banking Solutions product.

My research interests include Algorithms and Machine Learning

I find the research paper Provable and practical approximations for the degree distribution using sublinear graph samples by Talya Eden, Shweta Jain, Ali Pinar, Dana Ron, C. Seshadhri quite interesting.

I enjoy going on long roadtrips and once went on for 4,500 roadtrip in Spain and Portugal. I am also interested in adventure activities like Scuba diving, sky diving, mountaineering, trekking, etc.

After a long week nothing can beat a board game night !!!