Norman Makoto Su

Details of my research group, including current students and publications, can be found at the Authentic User Experience Lab website.

As PhD Dissertation Chair

As PhD Dissertation Committee Member

  • Taslima Ankter, Reducing Privacy Risks of Visually Impaired People with Camera Based Assistive Technologies, Chair: Apu Kapadia, now postdoc at UC Irvine
  • Oscar Lemus, Rest in Peace
  • Ben Jelen, Designing a Craft-based Electronic Toolkit for Older Adult Crafters, Chair: Katie Siek, now faculty at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Lindah Kotut, Amplifying the Griot: Technology for Preserving, Retelling, and Supporting Underrepresented Stories, Chair: D. Scott McCrickard, now faculty in School of Information, University of Washington
  • Yasmeen Rashidi, How Young Adults Manage Privacy and Maintain Social Norms in the Era of Pervasive Photography and Social Media, Chair: Apu Kapadia, now Assistant Professor of Informatics, Umm Al Qura University
  • Bardia Doosti, Hand Pose Estimation from Single RGB Images, Chair: David Crandall, now Software Engineer at Google
  • Su-Wei Wong, Perceptions and Gateway Effect OF E-Cigarette use Among U.S. Adults, Chair: Hsien-Chang Lin, now postdoc in School of Public Health, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • Tousif (Eshan) Ahmed, Towards the Design of Wearable Assistive Technologies to Address the Privacy and Security Concerns of People with Visual Impairments, Chair: Apu Kapadia, now Senior Research Engineer at Samsung
  • Haodan Tan, Designing Lifelikeness in Robotic and Interactive Artifact and Sustainable HCI, Chairs: Eli Blevis & Selma Šabanović, now at Amazon
  • Qatrunnada Ismail, Crowdsourcing Permission Settings for Mobile Apps to Help Users Balance Privacy and Usability, Chair: Apu Kapadia, now Assistant Professor in College of Computer and Information Science at King Saud University
  • Haley MacLeod, Rare World: Investigating Social Support in Rare Disease and Common Chronic Illness Communities, Chair: Kay Connelly & Katie Siek, now UX Researcher at Facebook, Menlo Park, CA
  • Omar Sosa-Tzec, Interaction Delight: A Rhetorical Approach to the Analysis of Delight in Interactive Artifacts, Chair: Erik Stolterman, now Assistant Professor in the School of Design at San Francisco State University
  • Dahee Chung, Health Information Infrastructures: Flows and Frictions, Chair: Hamid Ekbia
  • Roberto Hoyle, Privacy Considerations in the Context of Wearable Cameras, Chair: Apu Kapadia, now Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Oberlin College


Current & Future

  • TBA


  • Spring 2021: I543, Interaction Design Methods; I590, Designing from Data (IU)
  • Spring 2020: I694, Thesis/Project for Human Computer Interaction - Capstone (IU)
  • Spring Semesters (2018-2019): I590, Designing from Data (IU)
  • Fall Semesters (2014-2019): I549, Advanced Prototyping (IU)
  • Spring Semesters (2014-2017): I310, Media, Arts, & Technology (IU)
  • Semester 1 (2012, 2013): IS40500, Systems Analysis & Design (UCD)
  • Semester 2 (2011, 2012, 2013): IS40510, Research Methods II (UCD)

Teacher’s Assistant (TA)